Travel Local !!

Travel Local !!
We often fail to realise the value of something until it's gone. The global outbreak of covid_19 has affected us in a lot of ways. One of the things we dearly missed was our freedom to explore, the freedom to travel.
This year, we will be joining the #noflight2020 move ! Aviation is the fastest growing contributor to greenhouse gas emissions at a time when we desperately need to reduce them. Reducing our carbon footprints is vital in avoiding climate breakdown. There are lots of things we can do, like eating less meat, using renewable energy, or driving less. But did you know that just one flight can wipe out all those savings?


We will be exploring more of our home-ground this summer. On the map, first we have South Wales. Wales has one of the most beautiful coastlines, beaches, mountains, and National Parks. And you can reach its doorsteps within two hours from London!

We packed our Chino backpacks with lunch, water, spare clothes, and towels and headed towards the Four Falls walk set in the beautiful woodlands also known as the “Waterfall Country” in the Brecon Beacons national parks.

The excitement of encountering numerous waterfalls in a day was out of this world. No matter how old we get, nature always brings out the inner child in us!

The 4 waterfalls along the trail are Sgwd Clun-Gwyn, Sgwd Isaf Clun-Gwyn, Sgwd Y Pannwr and Sgwd Yr Eira. 

Sgwd Yr Eira (picture on the right) which means “fall of snow” in Welsh is probably the most well-known one, as you can walk right behind its thundering waterfall curtain.  

The trail consists of steep paths with lots of steps and are rough and slippery. If you plan to visit, make sure to be equipped for the trail and it could take up to 3-4 hours to walk to all four waterfalls but may take longer if you want to swim.




This indeed was magical! The fresh air, the greenery, the sounds of waterfall, and the rain was just so serene and rejuvinating. The most exciting part was jumping and diving into the cold water. If you have traveled this far, of course you ought to float a while.

Scientifically, there are claims that negative ions that are abundant in waterfalls somehow increase serotonin levels, which ultimately helps our mood and wellbeing. 





This was a beautiful reminder for us all to continue to be grateful, and to love and appreciate the bounty of mother Earth. We hope you will look around you and appreciate all that surrounds you. Adventure awaits you !





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  • Diwash

    Love it. Been there four times now!!!!! Absolutely beautiful..

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