Traveling in 2020 amid pandemic !

Traveling in 2020 amid pandemic !
With uncertainty and fear hanging over traveling, everyone knows how severely tourism and business travel has been hit. Whether you have booked a break , or are considering booking one, here we have Emma and David from Team Thomas Travels to outline all there is to know about traveling amid this pandemic. 
Emma and David are travelling duo from the UK who have been to almost 50 countries. Rather than accumulating materialistic things, the duo have always believed in the power of travel and the profound experiences that come with it. They recently travelled to Croatia. We caught up with them to hear all about their travel !
Why did you choose to travel to Croatia?
It is a short flight from the UK, so a good practice run for our first plane journey since the pandemic began, plus it didn't require a quarantine either, and a lot of what makes Dubrovnik special, ie beaches, beautiful Old Town, the Adriatic sea, can be done outside. This meant that even if things still hadn't fully reopened, or we felt unsafe with numbers of people, we could walk around socially distanced and enjoy things outdoors, without relying on indoor attractions. We've actually written a blog about just this!
How was your journey to the destination? 
Flights were fine, very organised. The planes were full but mask was mandatory from the moment you entered the building on the plane, and until you left the airport again, which meant we were wearing masks for about 9 hours. 
Apparently, the filtration system means that all the air in the cabin is replaced every 3  
minutes which means social distancing isn't necessary with regards to leaving empty seats. We were also given antibacterial wipes for our seats/trays etc, and upon landing we were asked to remain seated and were let off the plane 3 or 4 rows at a time. We flew with Lufthansa, they had limited carryon to 1 item each, and there was no trolly service on the plane, but we were all given a bottle of water.
What did you enjoy the most?
The airport was quieter, as was Dubrovnik! Liked the disembarking from the plane in small numbers very much! Public spaces and popular attractions were quiet, like walking the walls and St Lawrence's Fort, we virtually had them to ourselves. Even no cruise ships meant that this little town was very peaceful when it is often usually very busy in peak season, like Venice, when the ships dock. Beaches were always spacious, even when busy, as numbers were just generally low. Restaurants were open with walk in service and museums were all open, boat trips were running.
Anything you didn't enjoy?
Mask wearing was a bit of a bind in hot weather, we only had to wear it on buses and in shops but in 30 degrees they were very stuffy. Otherwise everything was great!
What was the highlight of your travel?
We spent a day with Dubrovnik Boats on a private island tour which was so special - we felt like movie stars! Seeing the Blue Cave and snorkelling in the clearest water we've ever seen was amazing!
In the town, we LOVED walking the walls of the Old Town and we got the cable car up to Mount Srd to watch the sunset and look for the comet Neowise. Getting the ferry to Lokrum Island is also a must, it's a beautiful oasis with amazing ruins, a botanical garden, shady walks and great swimming. And Sveti Jakov beach!!
Could you give us all some tips for travelling, especially during the current times of uncertainty?
    • Don't book too ahead, as things are constantly changing with regards to borders closing/ entry requirements. It looks like long haul travel will be off the cards for a while, so we'll be looking at Europe for our next trips.
    • Have two cloth masks, we washed ours in the shower each night and hung it out to dry the next day and rotated them. Take hand sanitiser and anti- bacterial wipes in your hand luggage.
    • Oh! and fly with a non- budget airline who will actually do something to help you if the country you’re in/your home country has a spike while you're out there.
    • Be safe, do your research! Only travel to the places your country is permitting travel to, otherwise you won't get travel insurance. But the world is slowly reopening and places are desperate for tourism to restart, and now is a great time to travel with smaller crowds.


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