Our Mission


Since our inception, we have been conscious of our impact on the environment and the community that we live in. Hempnath is committed to ensuring that our environmental impact is as minimum as possible through our selection of material (fabric), our production, packaging, and entire supply chain. Along with this, we aim to encourage conscious buying and living.

Hemp is a revolutionary plant that has numerous benefits and potentials. From repairing and enhancing the soil's diversity to using very little resources for its growth, Hemp gives more than it takes. We aspire to learn more about this miraculous plant because its possibilities are endless.


Outlined below are our goals and commitments :

  • We aim to plant at least 3,000 trees every year
  • Educate more people on the power of Hemp
  • Be a carbon neutral business
  • Provide stable job opportunities to more marginalised communities in Nepal
  • Reduce extreme poverty in other parts of the world
  • Visit our production house in Nepal twice a year at least
  • Partner and collaborate with like-minded individuals/ businesses
  • Always seek for an alternative sustainable solution 
  • Drive/ encourage change within our community through best practices
  • Carry transparency as the driving force of our brand
  • Never stop learning

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