The Power of Kindness

The Power of Kindness

Hempnath is deeply rooted in Nepal and we take it as our responsibility to do what we can for the people of Nepal amid these heartbreaking times. Unfortunately, Covid_19 has hit developing nations more severely than the rest of the world. Nepal in this case, has fallen victim to this crisis. With roaring number of Covid cases, the country is struggling to control the situation.

The situation at Nepal/ India border has been uncontrollable as the migrant workers traveling home have been stranded at the border, with no adequate food, water nor testing facilities for Covid_19.  

As a small start-up and being struck by COVID-19, we didn’t have much to give but we knew even a small contribution would make a big difference. We decided to donate 100% of a week’s sale to BlinkNow.

BlinkNow, founded by Maggie Doyne shed a light on this emergency crisis not only by providing food and water and building quarantine camps but also by making the migrant workers feel welcomed. They continue to protect the migrants, prevent community transmission, and save many lives working alongside RED CROSS, UNICEF, WFPs, and local volunteers.

The amount of help we received from so many was beyond our comprehension! The way everyone came together to provide help for Nepal was truly inspiring. We were able to raise a total of £1352 ($1701) in a week!! And we're ever so grateful for your faith on us. 


What did we learn?

  • Never underestimate the power of kindness, and the world needs kindness now more than ever. As they say, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”.
  • To believe in ourselves and our brand, our voice a little more.
  • Never underestimate the potential and possibilities of unity

The way BlinkNow inspired us, we hope our small act of kindness will also inspire you. In this journey of life, nothing is as rewarding and as profound as being able to touch someone's life. And through this gesture, we would like to believe we did just that to some extent. Thank you to everyone who are in this journey with us. 

Let’s make kindness contagious!


With love,


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