A story deeply rooted in the Himalayas, curated (in the UK) with simplicity and sustainability in mind. 

Hempnath is an environmentally conscious brand offering ethically sourced, artisan-made products. Behind each product is a story - and a power to make a difference. With every purchase, Hempnath plants three trees through Eden reforestation project. 


While based in the UK, we are all originally from Nepal and always wanted to create something that portrayed the simplicity of our motherland, while providing job opportunities within marginalised communities.

Our visit to Nepal in 2018 revived that feeling as we explored the country’s Arts and Craftsmanship. Without sounding too cliché, it felt like a calling from a higher force -to connect with our roots again. 

Nepal is a landlocked country, where 68% of the population still depend on agriculture, and it has a long and deep history with Hemp. We still recall our grandmothers weaving textiles using handmade looms. Our ancestors have been growing, cultivating and utilising Hemp in numerous ways for generations. 

During our visit, we came across Hemp products in Kathmandu. The memories of our childhood days, engrained with this plant, came out bursting. And that's when we realised, what we were looking for was right within us all. 

We then explored Hemp's endless uses and benefits to the environment and to the local communities here. We were baffled by its eco-friendly and sustainable attributes. Then, combining our individual ideas, knowledge, and our experiences, Hempnath was born.     

Hempnath’s name features the Sanskrit word “nath” which means protector and lord and is closely connected to Hinduism and Buddhism.

Our product collection, which currently includes backpacks, laptop cases, waist bags, totes, pouch bags, and now a bucket hat is made with 100% pure hemp. The interiors and linings of the bags are with cotton and recycled rice bags, providing a durable lining. Our neutral colours provide a wonderful timeless appeal. Find out more about our production here

Although it has been a challenge to create and produce within Nepal using the limited resources available within the country, we have always sought for innovative, sustainable solutions. We take pride in promoting slow, traditional Nepali craftsmanship -passed down from our ancestors. Our responsibility towards supporting our growers, weavers, and makers, to provide fair and sustainable income will always be in place regardless of any hurdles.

As Hempnath evolves, we are all learning and growing each day. We will make mistakes, learn from them, make another one. But we won't stop because the only way is forward.

HEMP is a family plant of cannabis sativa - opposed to marijuana, it contains less than 1% THC (psychoactive compound) making it suitable for industrial crops. Hemp while growing fast, it detoxifies and rejuvenates the soil requiring neither artificial fertilisers nor pesticides. It uses very little amount of water unlike other traditional crops such as cotton. Therefore it is one of the most environmentally friendly materials.

NATH- Derived from sanskrit word, Natha - Nath means lord, protector, master closely related to lord shiva. Nepal being a nation of Hindu and Buddhist dharma (religion) in majority, many historic temple and stupas here hold “nath” within their name.

And that is how the brand name “HEMPNATH” was created- a name that speaks of sustainability and reflects our Nepali background. A brand that is motivated towards protecting and conserving the environment.