A story deeply rooted in the Himalayas, curated (in the UK) with simplicity and sustainability in mind.

HEMP is a family plant of cannabis sativa - opposed to marijuana, it contains less than 1% THC (psychoactive compound) making it suitable for industrial crops. Hemp while growing fast, it detoxifies and rejuvenates the soil requiring neither artificial fertilisers nor pesticides. It uses very little amount of water unlike other traditional crops such as cotton. Therefore it is one of the most environmentally friendly materials.

NATH- Derived from sanskrit word, Natha - Nath means lord, protector, master closely related to lord shiva. Nepal being a nation of Hindu and Buddhist dharma (religion) in majority, many historic temple and stupas here hold “nath” within their name.

And that is how “HEMPNATH” came to the scene - a brand name that speaks of sustainability and reflects our Nepali background. A brand that is motivated towards protecting and conserving the environment. We take pride in promoting Nepali craftsmanship and contributing towards the economy of the land that mirrors our identity.