The hemp is sourced from the rural, mid western, parts of Nepal- Bajhang, Bajura and Rolpa where more than 80% of the population still depend on agriculture. And here, Hemp has been utilized to its full potential for centuries. Not only the cultivation but the craft of weaving has been passed down through generation after generation. 


After the harvest, the plants are boiled to soften the inner fibers which are then morphed into yarn. All of this process takes up to 2-4 weeks and is run by local families within these villages. 


The yarn then travels all the way to the capital city of Kathmandu where our local didis (sisters* in Nepali) give these yarns a new life. After a rigorous process of washing and naturally drying, traditional looms enter the scene for weaving. Traditional looms are still in practice hence our fabrics will have an authentic, natural outcome as it is an intricate process of weaving- still so gracefully by our didi's, the yarn is turned into fabrics even before we know it.


The fabrics are then taken to the tailoring side of production where each bag is given its final look. A small production house selected for its ethical practices conducts the final stitching and finishing off the bags.  As one can imagine, it is a very lengthy process but makes up a beautiful story so that when you're carrying our bag, you understand its roots and its journey. 

We have built a close relationship with everyone in our supply chain. Only after inspecting the working conditions, facilities, wages, and other regulations of the employees, were we able to begin this venture. We take pride in our relationship with our supplier. 



HEMP- All our bags are made of 100% Pure Hemp. We wish our product to carry the traditional look and feel of hemp- rugged, strong and sometimes imperfect- just like how we all are. And the material only gets better with age! 

COTTON- We currently use 100% cotton for the interior lining of our bags however we plan to approach even more natural ways of replacing industrial cotton in the future.  

RECYCLED PVC (polyvinyl chloride) We are proud to use recycled rice bags for our interlining in our bags. As intake of rice in Nepal is quite high, significant amount of rice bags often end up in trash. So we take pride in being able to reuse these bags for a positive impact!




We use 70% recycled cardboard (recyclable) boxed to pack our order. However we encourage our customers to reuse the boxes as storage or gifts box. Our packagings are all paper based. 

We have been making slight changes to our packaging one step at a time. We have opted in to remove product tags because you can trust that we wouldn’t sell used products and they aren’t as necessary! Instead, we now include a little "about us" note (made from biodegradable Nepali hand made paper ) to remind you why we are here. 

We include dried lavenders (or other flower/ plant) with every package. Because, we believe in thoughtful, intentional little touches or aroma in this case. 

In a world full of noise, we want to touch your lives quietly but profoundly one step at a time, one package at a time. We are aware that paper used is also paper wasted. So with time, we plan to opt for minimal packaging alternatives.