Why should you start journaling again ?

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Remember finding comfort in the lines of "Dear diary..", burying all our feelings in the depth of our diaries, treasuring them like our existence would cease if someone entered this sacred space? All these innocent glories of childhood are now long forgotten. Why did we stop writing to ourselves ?

As we grow old, life becomes more and more about the outside. We enter the realm of “adulthood” where curiosity is replaced with responsibilities, creativity with productivity, time with an hourglass constantly reminding us to do more and be more – or else, we fail. 

While there are many ways to reclaim our sense of selves back, reconnecting with our “Dear diary”- the imaginary force we addressed all our pages to, our inner voice might just ignite the sense of childlike wonder in us again, grounding us back to who we were before life happened. We can pick up where we left off. Journaling has many proven benefits out of which the most meaningful we've found is that you find a space to be yourself - free from all the societal norms and noises.

It has been a while since your journal entry? Simply grab a pen and a journal, and start where you left. It can be as simple ( or dramatic) as “ Dear diary, it’s been a while but I’m home. I hope to keep you close, always.”

Here are few journaling prompts you can start with:
  • Where in life are you right now?
  • What has changed ?
  • What fuels your passion now?
  • How are you feeling these days?
  • What are you grateful for?
  • What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Start journaling as often as you can and watch yourself getting more and more attuned to your inner-self. When we write down how we feel, we naturally declutter endless thoughts from our mind and give them a sense of order. The physical act of writing itself encourages us to slow down as we process our thoughts and form connections between them. 

One thing you should refrain from is being wary of what you write or how your writing is. Through this writing process new discoveries, realizations, ideas, ventures, lessons, or adventures are bound to be explored regardless. This is your space. Write freely, fearlessly and wholeheartedly, and find yourself once again - for yourself, no one else. In doing so, we hope you will return to your inner home.


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